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Bozeman, Montana Insurance Defense Law Firm

Protecting insurance companies and self-insured corporations

The insurance defense attorneys at Planalp, Reida, Roots & Riley, P.C. have been providing legal advice and representation to insurance companies and self-insured corporations throughout Montana for more than 75 years.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance claims, insurance coverage issues and subrogation for our clients at every level of state and federal court. We are dedicated to providing the personal attention and respect that your company deserves.

Bozeman insurance defense attorneys

Planalp, Reida, Roots & Riley, P.C.  provides insurance companies with a wide variety of legal services, including: 
  • Tort litigation of all varieties
  • Claim management and apportionment services
  • Insurance coverage opinion letters
  • Declaratory judgments
  • Reinsurance advice and disputes
  • Bad  faith litigation
  • Professional liability litigation
  • Coverage opinion letters
  • Insurance appellate litigation
  • Arbitration and mediation 

Our firm often helps insurance companies resolve problems involving insurance policy coverage. We analyze every provision to determine the extent of coverage that is warranted under the policy, and prepare detailed opinion letters on those findings. After providing our client with the opinion letter, we seek to resolve the issues by filing a declaratory judgment action in court. However, in certain cases, litigation may become necessary to settle issues in dispute. If that occurs, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and skill to get you the best possible results. 

We also assist insurance companies in situations involving third parties. We often initiate subrogation claims against at-fault third parties in order to get reimbursement for any payments to insureds under their own policies.

Effective solutions with your best interests in mind

Although Planalp, Reida, Roots & Riley, P.C. has forged its reputation through its litigation abilities. We commit our best efforts wherever possible to resolving your problems without resorting to court. We understand how expensive litigation can become, and that litigation may not be the best option in your case. For these reasons, we routinely utilize arbitration and mediation to settle disputes for clients at a much-reduced cost, and propose settlements that have your company’s best interests in mind. 

Trusted attorneys ready to defend you

From our offices in Bozeman, Planalp, Reida, Roots & Riley, P.C. represents clients throughout the state of Montana. Call 406.586.4351 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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